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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My letter on Lebanon to Paddy Tipping

I have been appalled by the recent conflict in Lebanon. What particularly got my back up was the way the Government backed Israel 100%, which seemed neither fair nor helpful. In addition, it appears that the UK was used as a conduit for bombs which were then used to destroy Lebanese power stations, bridges and other vital items of civilian infrastructure, as well as killing anyone unlucky to be underneath it. Margaret Beckett's only problem with this was that the US hadn't filled out the correct paperwork.

I decided to write to Paddy Tipping. It didn't seem likely that much would come of it. He's a loyal minister, Tony Blair has made it pretty clear that he considers the bombing a vital part of the 'War against Terror', so what can you expect. On the other hand, if we the public sit back passively, we can't expect our democratic government to do what we'd like it to.

I wrote the following letter to Paddy Tipping


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous attache said...

The UK's record on support to Israel is an outrage and we have done relatively little to put political pressure on the Jewish state to halt its murderous attacks. UK diplomats in Israel and Palestine work very hard to influence the situation but get little support from the Government. Surely it's time to recognise the needs of Arabs as well as Jews?

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thank you


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